Hello, and welcome to my first blog post with the new website. I was contemplating what topic I should start with. Procrastinating is actually  more like it! Of course, I want this blog to be super interesting, insightful and wise. In the end, it will most likely just be fun for me and (hopefully) you as well. And that’s ok.

My wife and I love to go whale watching. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much luck seeing whales! We’ve seen a ton of dolphins, sea lions, seals, and of course, pelicans, but no whales. That is, until yesterday. We started off with a treat and got to see a type of Dolphin that I’ve never heard of. A Risso dolphin. Apparently, the discoloration on their skin is scarring from fighting with each other. Looks pretty intense!

Risso Dolphin Eye

Risso Dolphin

After the Risso dolphins, the Captain said a boat up ahead had found a whale. We thought: ‘Finally! We’re going to get to see a whale!’. Read More